Congreso Internacional sobre Movimientos Sociales y TIC

Call for papers

Call for Papers – II International Congress on TIC and Social Movements:

This CFP for the II International Congress on TIC and Social Movements is structured along different thematic lines.

Paper proposals should be sent before June, 15th, 2017 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO SEPT. 15th.

and will be read during the Congress at the Faculty of Communication (University of Seville) on 25, 26 and 27, October 2017. Papers will be published in a book of proceedings after undergoing a blind peer-review process under the direction of the scientific committee.


Only non-previously published research (in any language) will be considered.

Papers are allowed in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian. Regardless of the language, title, abstract and keywords should be accompanied by an English translation.

Papers should have a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 25 pages, including title, author, abstract, keywords, summary, footnotes and references.

Papers can be sent in .doc, .docx, .odt or .rtf formats, with 2 cm. left, right, top and bottom margins of 2 cms. and using Times New Roman or Liberation Serif 12 points fonts and single interlineate.

APA format (6th Edition) should be followed in relation to writting, quotations and referencing.

The paper must include (as contained in the template):

The paper’s title in the chosen language (in capital letters, centered and in bold type)

The paper’s title in English (in capital letters and centered).

Surnames and name of the autor/s (surnames in capital letters separated from the name in lowe case letter by a comma, all in bold type and italics), institutional affiliation (in parenthesis and italics) and the author/s e mail (in italics).

A 700-800 characters (without spaces) text summary in its original language.

4 – 6 keywords in the text’s original language and separated by commas.

A 700-800 characters (without spaces) text summary (abstract) in English.

4 – 6 keywords in English and separated by commas.

The paper’s text in its original language (using Times New Roman or Liberation Serif, 12 points font and single interlineate).

In the text, sections should be numbered as follows, with first level sections in bold type and the rest in italics. The last subsection should contain the references used.

1. Section title

2. Section title

2.1. Subsection title

2.2. Subsection title

2.2.A. Subsection title

2.2.B. Subsection title

[following sections and subsections]

6. References

Notes should be consigned as endnotes.

If the autor/s need to make a reference to a particular funding body for her or his research, this should be noted through and endnote in the paper’s title containing the necessary information about the institution or project.


Papers should be sent to the e mail address:


Once the paper has been accepted, authors should proceed to register in the Congress. The cost is 60€ per text (not per author). Authors should attend the Congress in order to read the paper in the indicated date. Exceptionally, a paper can be read by a person other than the author or a video could be used. If in doubt, please make an enquiry at


The complete timetable for the submission of papers, registration and the reading of papers in the Congress is as follows:

January, 15th to June, 15th 2017 -> DEADLINE EXTENDED TO SEPT. 15th.: Paper submission. Acceptance will be notified in a maximum period of fifteen days.

June, 15th to September, 15th 2017: Registration period. Once their paper is accepted, authors will be notified about payment and registration procedures.

October, 25, 26 and 27th 2017: Celebration of the Congress. Reading of papers.

Authors will have a total of 15 minutes to read their papers. This could be negotiated according to different circumstances. The Congress’ program and timetables will be set before the Congress.


Authors will receive a certificate for their participation as contributors after reading their paper.

The Congress Book will be published on paper and also on digital format, with ISBN and a Creative Commons License, as soon as possible after the end of the Congress.

In any case, texts will be published under a Creative Commons License (3.0 Unported)

The best papers will also be published in the Revista Internacional de Pensamiento Político – RIPP (, or in Revista de Estudios para el Desarrollo Social de la Comunicación – (, editied by Grupo Interdisciplinario de Estudios en Comunicaicón, Política y Cambio Social (COMPOLITICAS) from the University of Seville.


Attendance to is free of charge. Should attendants apply for it in advance, a certificate of attendance can be provided. However, solicitants will have to attend at least 70% of presentations and roundtables.

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