Congreso Internacional sobre Movimientos Sociales y TIC

Digital Culture

Culture on the Internet, its language, its memes and its myths are embedded on politic action of the social movements. These have the ability to move network’s cultural frame, adopting their language and their values. Anonymous masks, slogans as “Error 404: Democracy not found” or documents as “Open Code Manifesto” draw the weight of the network cultures (hackers, mass culture reappropriations, freak culture… etc.) on language and symbolic frameworks for mobilization. At time, the published information by the movements on the Internet not only helps for a quickly visibility, but also for conservation and diffusion of collective memory of the social struggles. Which are cultural referents used by cyberactivism? How does the cyberculture in discourse and political practices? What are the relationship between mass culture and popular culture on the new digital environment? How does the Internet contribute to maintain collective memory of social movements? Does exist the real risk of censorship on this kind of memories by large technological companies when the commercial services are used?

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